Our world encompasses unique talents which are distinctive and often independent of other traits. But the irony resides in the fact that many people do not get the right platform or even an opportunity to unveil their talent before the world.

To fulfill this objective Lata Foundation (Reg. No - 365) (100 fita Rd., Bareilly, U.P., India) was established in the year 2019 with a motto to provide appropriate platform to the aspirants allowing them to be one with their desires.

Exclusive World Records (EWR), an exclusive offshoot of Lata Foundation has thus been evangelized for the aforesaid purpose.

EWR was established in 2019 as a book of records maintained by Lata Foundation ( Reg. No.- 365 ). Exclusive World Records is the trademark of its owner being used by Lata Foundation under exclusive rights conferred by the owner of the said trademark.

Exclusive World Records aims to provide a platform to those people who possess some talent or quality (Either singly or as a group of persons), and want to have their name aired in the sky and who hold long hauled desire to be record holders by attempting or by doing unique activities at par with the best in their segment.

Mr. Anurag Saxena is invited to be the first editor of Exclusive World Records.

There are 3 types of recognition conferred by Exclusive World Records.

1. Record

2. Honor

3. Award

Record: Record is given to those whose talent is unique and distinctive.

Honor: Accorded to those who do not hold a record in their name but are equally good at performing something awe striking.

Award: From time to time, EWR runs award programs to encourage people;

These awards are conferred under different rubrics like: - social awardee, golden awardee in an event or activity of their expertise/interest etc.


For any record / Honor / award, the applicant must first fill the application form and send the complete documents by email to exclusiveworldrecords@gmail.com

Any entry without filling the application form will not be considered valid and hence would be nullified.

Any record entry is verified on the basis of evidence provided in the nature of media (electronic / print), unedited videos, and corroborative evidences supported by witnesses or through display of the relevant activity at par with the standards either bench marked or otherwise being better than an existing record.

After that our jury members check all the evidence(s) carefully before awarding the title. Another way for verification is on the spot verification carried out by expert jury member (invited).

* Please read all the rules before filling the form.


Exclusive World Records (EWR) ™, without any prejudice or otherwise does not intend to challenge any other organization’s record or their respective copyright work nor does it compare other organizations’records before awarding the record title.

It may so happen/appear that the unique talent registered with EWR may not be the only one or the best one in their respective fields as compared with other title books.

EWR does not search or compare the talents of its registered entrants with any existing / contemporary title books/organizations. The sole intention for this is to respect the individual and collective efforts of the respective organizations/association/group of persons etc.

The record titles awarded by EWR are solely on registration basis and compared against records within the ambit of the EWR title holders based on their recent/best performance attributable to their individual / joint physical and mental skills.

To compete or claim a title in the same class as already awarded by EWR, any participant irrespective of his/her geographical/demographic location can register his/her talent with EWR and EWR will evaluate it within its defined process based on considerable reason and rationale.

As mentioned before we can accept a claim of better performance once a participant registers with EWR and the EWR response team so approves and not otherwise. EWR does not intend to discourage or disregard any talent of any title holder across the globe for any reason thereof. While we observe utmost care in awarding a title, there remains a possibility that a better record might exist.

In our constant endeavor to improvise, augment, retain impartiality, neutralize bias and encourage talent we are open to any improvised or scientifically proven technique/mechanism/process of evaluation and wish to duly incorporate the same in our assessment system as we improvise.


We work for poor and needy, we provide fruits, clothes, food, Sanitary pads etc. to poor and orphaned girls, as well as appropriate health checkup, education, awareness programs etc.